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About Us

KC Carpet Cleaners is a locally owned and operated company located in the northeast section of Philadelphia but we consider the whole Delaware Valley as our neighborhood. We are people who have worked for larger carpet cleaning companies in the past. Combined we have 28 yrs experience.

We started KC Carpet Cleaners because the larger carpet cleaning companies have been over charging our neighbors for years. So we decided to start a business we can be proud of, performing a service for a fair price.

All our services are complete with cleaning and deodorizing for one great price with no hidden fees. We stand strong behind our green cleaning. We use only chemicals that are green seal certified and we offer MSDS sheets on all our chemicals. If you have kids, pets or allergies fear no more, we can help you with your cleaning. We are licensed, insured and bounded.

We use a portable abstraction cleaning machine with the ultimate carpet cleaning agent. We don’t have to run hoses out your door 100 to 150 feet away. We also don’t need to over charge you to pay for high gas prices to run our truck mount machine.

By using our portable, electric, green cleaning machine, our price is 20% to 40% cheaper then larger cleaning companies charge. We stand behind our work and we are here to help everyone of our neighbors one carpet at a time.

Thank you for visiting.

KC Carpet Cleaners
Your Neighborhood Cleaners